Unbound Floor Lamp, 120cm

The Unbound Lamp was conceived to cast a spacious atmospheric light and create a gentle ‘Zen-like’ ambience. A carefully engineered ball joint enables effortless movement of the vertically orientated shade with your fingertips, creating a gentle and poetic sense of rotation.

Because the design was driven by the quality of light and movement Space Copenhagen wanted to evoke, rather than a specific function, the lamps bring a glowing warmth and sense of playful intrigue to any interior – from the most convivial restaurant or living space to the most formal workspace – and within the shade, dimmable LEDs all the way around the arm create a softly diffused light without casting internal shadows.

The lamp is available in three sizes, meaning it can be used as a standalone table lamp or floor lamp. The smallest of the three brings light to spaces as small as a console or bedside table, making it a functional and flexible piece. The largest lamp makes a bold statement, with the scale to relate to the room as a whole and become a focal point that defines the space. The medium-sized light mediates between the two, enabling dynamic compositions.

H – 120 cm, W – 23 cm, Weight – 11,5 kg

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