The Tub Chair

The Tub Chair may be amongst Hans J. Wegner’s lesser known creations, but there’s little mystery as to why. Though bearing the characteristic grace for which the Danish master’s designs are treasured, the complicated two-shell structure of the Tub Chair’s body proved too technologically difficult to produce commercially back in 1954—the year Wegner conceived of it. With reportedly only 3 prototypes ever produced, the auction block remained the only road to owning an elusive Tub—until now.

Leveraging 21st Century technology, Danish workshop PP Møbler has painstakingly worked through the intricacies of the Tub Chair’s sculptural solid wood base and roomy upholstered body well enough to showcase their updated version at last year’s Milan Furniture Fair—and finally bring it to market in 2015. With a price tag befitting a work of art ($21,000), chances are that Wegner’s Tub Chair will remain the rarity it’s always been.