This tray is designed by Jørgen Høj in 1953 during the time he shared drawing office with Poul Kjærholm. The tray can be uses for bread, nuts, paper clips, or basically anything you feel like.

The tray is soap-treated, which means that it has been washed in a solution of soap and water. The tray comes in maple from 100 to 150-year old trees from Danish woods.

The trays, available in 4 versions of soap-treated maple wood, have the clean and subtle lines in grain and finish to be beautiful on their own, but they can also be used for bread, snacks, or even various kinds of hot food.

1. 20 cm. x 20 cm.
2. 15 cm. x 40 cm.
3. 20 cm. x 50 cm.
4. 10,5 cm. x 22 cm.