Stemlite Table Lamp 70 cm

Subtle, organic forms and gentle, diffused light characterize the Stemlite Table Lamp – a hidden gem from the space race era and now a natural addition to the GUBI Collection.

Legendary designer Bill Curry’s ‘total look’ lamp was an innovative rethinking of the traditional lamp and captured the zeitgeist of West Coast America of the 1960s. Combining new techniques, bold aesthetics and a pioneering approach to modular design, the Stemlite became an iconic symbol of this optimistic era. And it is these same attributes which make the Stemlite just as relevant today for home, commercial or hospitality settings.

Lamp height: 70 cm
Lamp stand: Ø 18 cm
Shade dimensions: Ø 32 cm
Bulb recommended: 810 Lumen (~ 60W incandescent ~ 40-60W halogen ~ 6-10W LED)
Weight (kg): 3.73

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