PK54 table

This marble originates from the mountains in the southern part of Italy. Every time you look at it, new details, created by nature itself, can be discovered and admired. Its mesmerising, informal veining characterised by a beautiful palette with shades of brown makes it quite a rare marble. Occasional oxidation marks – created naturally from the minerals in the limestone – may appear in unique, ginger coloured hints on the surface. The surface is furthermore characterised by a very delicate unevenness created during the honing and the result is a primarily smooth surface with sporadic microscopic holes.

The PK54 dining table is a study in contrasting materials and forms. Circle meets square and the pure expression leaves a monumental impression that makes the table the natural focal point in any room no matter where the table is placed.
It is possible to select your own table top.

The table top is made of marble or granite.

The frame is comprised of 4 squares of satin brushed stainless steel.

Additionals The circular table top is available with an extension ring consisting of six parts which intermesh with the table top, made of untreated solid maple.

Base material: Satinpolished stainless steel
Height: 69 cm
Width: 140 cm