Oksen footstool

It took Arne Jacobsen nothing less than five years to develop the Oksen design. In contrast to many of his earlier pieces that are characterised by rounded, organic shapes, this easy chair has a much sharper outline. Arne Jacobsen always wanted to surprise the public and Oksen was a project he repeatedly returned to with many variations in the years 1962- 66 before it finally took shape in 1966. Indeed it can be defined as the largest and most distinctive chair that Arne Jacobsen ever designed.

The top comes in leather only and in three different leather types: The beautiful Elegance leather and the strong Classic leather in black or Walnut and finally in Extreme leather in black only. The seat will soften in time as the footstool slowly ages with beauty.

The base is the original and recognisable 4-star base.

Base material: Satinpolished aluminium
Width: 52 cm
Depth: 52 cm