Harbour Counter Chair

The Harbour Chair – a sublimely comfortable pairing of versatility and minimalist style – now offers even more base options for living and working the way you like. First, there’s a swivel version for unmatched freedom of movement and, if you choose, easy rolling. And second, you’ll find sleek bar and counter base options that let you pull your favourite chair up to your favourite surface, whatever its height.

The Harbour Chair gets some altitude! Whether you love to eat, work and hang out at the countertop bar, or prefer the elevation of the high top, the new bar and counter versions invite you to pull right up. The slender and sculptural geometric bases are designed with a comfy crossbar for the feet at just the right height to prolong comfort and keep your posture in top form. The bases are available in black or light grey powder-coated steel.

Both the Harbour Chair swivel base and the bar and counter bases are available with the ergonomic shells of your choice, whether that’s upholstered in textile, leather, or not at all. The bare shell is available in six colours, while the textile and leather options come in a range of colours – and can be customised.