Halves Side Table

An object balancing between furniture and sculpture, in a robust and unique acrylic stone composite. Use next a sofa setting, besides the bed, in hallways or to elevate and display your favorite objects or plants.

The Halves table is youthful and informal in its aesthetics, but represents more traditional values of durability and practicality simultaneously. MSDS was inspired by the unique properties of the solid surface material which led to the specific exploration of form with an emphasis on planes and intersections. They further wanted to pursue a form that was practical, yet somewhat abstract, and therefore played with asymmetry: Halves presents different aspects of itself over time, depending on the position of the observer.

Made from large casted sheets of acrylic stone com-posite, that are cut into shapes and welded together. Lastly, the surfaces are grinded and polished giving the side table its soft feel and seamless joints.

Material: Acrylic stone composite. The Halves side table’s surface material is water resistant.

47×35,5 cm