Gubi barstool – center base

Gubi barstool – Center Base, low back, non-stackable, made of Ø: 14 mm steel tube with feet support in solid rod Ø: 8 mm, 3D veneer or HiRek plastic material

Height: 87,5 cm

Sitting height: 75 cm (front padding/fully upholstered 76cm)

10 years ago, Gubi launched the now famous Gubi chair from Komplot Design, with its innovative moulding technique using 3D veneer.

Now Komplot Design have added a new member of the family with a new base for the Gubi Chair and Gubi Stool – The Center Base. This new design for the chair frame really brings out the dimensions and unique look of the shell – it almost appear to be floating. So really this new extension brings out the true aesthetics and focuses the eye on the core of the design.