Grasshopper Chair

The chair, later nicknamed “the Grasshopper”, became a reality. Two pieces were manufactured and exhibited at Niels Vodder’s stand at the guild exhibition in 1938. The chairs were displayed alongside a mobile bar cabinet, with illustrations of exquisite cocktails hanging on the walls. This was quite a daring set-up and extravagant when compared to the otherwise “heavy” and traditional furniture that was presented at the time. However, people at the fair neither liked or understood the provocative exhibition. In order to help Niels Vodder avoid bigger loss, Finn Juhl bought the two chairs he had designed. The two Grasshopper Chairs from 1938 were the only ones to see the light of day. Until today.

The Grasshopper was one of Finn Juhl’s first attempts at expressing his artistic freedom in the form of furniture. The chair also marks the first in a long line of designs, that would go on to manifest Finn Juhl as one of the all- time greatest in furniture design. With a functionalistic approach and a great interest in modern art, Finn Juhl managed to create an entirely new and artistic mode of expression, making him stand out as one of Denmark’s truly great designers. Standing in complete contrast to his contemporary colleagues, Finn Juhl was neither a trained cabinetmaker nor furniture designer, but had instead studied to become an architect. His lack of technical knowledge has most likely contributed to his furniture oozing of artistic freedom and expression.

Frame: Oak or walnut
Upholstery: Textile or leather

Size: W 87cm x D 101cm x H 93cm
Seat height: 34cm

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