Fiber Bar Stool

Barstool with a sculptural seat that refuse to compro-mise on comfort. The seat’s low back offers support and makes the seated feel less exposed from behind. Perfect for settings where people are seated for many hours in barstools.

Contemporary and informal barstool. The nearly float-ing seat gives the seated the freedom to move around in the barstool while giving it a light appearance and taking up little space in an interior setting.

Material: Shell consists of a wood and plastic composition, with up to 25% wood fibers. Silk leather from Camo Leathers

65 cm:
H: 87,5 cm / W: 42,5 cm / D: 44,5 cm / SH: 65 cm
75 cm:
H: 97,5 cm / W: 44,5 cm / D: 46,5 cm / SH: 75 cm