Compile Shelving System

A contemporary take on the classic shelving system. Compile consists of a shelf and three heights of dividing tubes. Arrange the shelves and tubes as you please or order from the prearranged configurations.

Compile systems should always be mounted to a wall, using wall brackets.A Compile Shelving System can hold up to 300 kg.Compile Shelving Systems can be built as tall as wanted, as long as they are mounted to a wall using brackets. Muuto recommends not building COMPILE systems higher than 2,25 meters.

Material: Powder coated steel

Config. 1: 67,5×121 cm
Config. 2: 78×121 cm
Config. 3: 151×121 cm
Config. 4: 183×121 cm
Config. 5: 67,5×244,5 cm
Config. 6: 78×244,5 cm
Config. 7: 151×244,5 cm
Config. 8: 183×244,5 cm