Caravaggio Pendant P4, Ø550 mm

The matt greyscale nuances gives the pure lines of the design an even greater chance to speak for themselves. With black and white in each side of the scale, the Grey25 (25% black) and Grey45 (45% black) represent two carefully balanced tones in between.

The eye-catching Caravaggio pendants were launched in 2005 and instantaneously gained a status as a design icon. With Caravaggio, designer Cecilie Manz combines a recognisable shape with a modern expression. The simple, timeless pendant consists of a metal shade with soft, feminine lines held by a chrome-plated metal suspension. The textile cable is particularly well integrated into the design and gives the lamp its finishing touch. The Caravaggio lamp casts a concentrated downward light whilst also illuminating both the suspension and the cable through a hole at the top of the lamp. The depth of the shade prevents glare.

Diameter: 550 mm
Height: 702 mm