Beetle chair

GamFratesi found the inspiration for Beetle Chair in the anatomy and aesthetic of the beetle. They reinterpret the beetle’s hard and characteristic shell and structure in a chair that, like an actual beetle, has a hard exterior and a soft interior.

The chair is always fully upholstered in either fabric or leather with a pipe. The base is made in either steel or brass.

With the introduction of the unupholstered Beetle with seat or front upholstery, there is a chair for all stages in life. Change and upgrade the fabric to give the chair a different expression and new life to any interior decoration – you are able to create a Beetle for life.

H:87 x L:49,1 x W:54,6 cm

The Beetle Collection by GamFratesi has bloomed into a series of unlimited possibilities. Endless of combinations in terms of seating shells, bases, colours and fabrics are possible to create a unique and personalised chair.

The dynamic ability of the insect in space, is developed through a four-legged chair on castors. The chair is stackable and flexible suited for informal meetings, allowing mobility around the table and being flexible and spontaneous in the workspace. The beetle chair was presented for the first time at the annual exhibition Mindcraft12 in Milan, organized by Danish Crafts. in 2013. The Beetle chair also comes as a Bar Stool.