Base Table

A high quality and versatile table series, that casts the iconic shape of a table, as straight forward as a child’s drawing. The tables have a lightness in its design that adds an interesting contrast to the table’s strength and robust materials

The round Base Table is perfect for daily settings thanks to its strong aluminum frame and hard-wearing acrylic paint. With its clean silhouette, the Base Table is a small-size design that works in the kitchen, living room, office or any professional setting.

The table base’s legs and corner parts are extruded from aluminium to give the acrylic lacqure used to color the base, the most homogeneus surface. The table-top is cut from furniture board and finshed off with either a laminate or a linoleum surface.

Material: Table base is made from extruded aluminium with an extra durable acrylic paint. Table top in either furniture board with laminate surface and ABS edges or table top in plywood with linoleum surface

140×80 cm
190×85 cm
250×90 cm
110 cm