Jan & Henry

Jan Plechác and Henry Wielgus met during their studies at AAAD (The Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague) where there first collaborations began. After Jan Plechác exhibited his thesis work at Salone Sattellite 2011, he gained much attention from galleriests and well-known manufacturers. For his work he has been awarded the title of Discovery of the Year, during the Czech Grand Design Awards as well as the Elle Décor International Award.

In 2012 Jan Plechác and Henry Wielgus founded studio Jan Plechac & Henry Wielgus together, whose work transcends the barriers between art, architecture and design. Currently, studio Jan Plechac&Henry Wielgus is commisioned for international reknown galleries and brands such as Rossana Orlandi Gallery, Mint shop, Luminaire, Lasvit, Cappellini or Menu.

Studio Jan Plechac & Henry Wielgus was founded in 2011. It was a good year!