Gry Holmskov

Born and raised on a farm in Denmark’s mid-Jutland region, Gry Holmskov has a passion for nature that she channels into her design through both material and form. Holmskov began her creative career studying cabinetmaking to gain insight into craftmanship, materials, construction, production and tectonics. She then apprenticed with Rud. Rasmussen Snedkerier, one of Denmark’s oldest cabinetmaking companies, making furniture designed by Danish greats such as Kaare Klint, Mogens Koch, and Mogens Lassen.

After graduating from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Architecture, Holmskov founded Studio Gry Holmskov, where she focuses on minimalistic, elegant and functional design that emphasises tactile craftsmanship and detailing. Her furniture designs are classic, simple, and easy to read and use. They are often inspired by nature – and always bear a personal touch. Today, Holmskov divides her time between teaching at the Copenhagen University College of Engineering (DTU) and expanding her architecture, cabinetmaking, illustration and design practice.