Croissant Loungechair by GUBI

Playful, voluptuous and sublimely crafted, the newly reimagined Croissant Lounge Chair makes a powerful statement in any interior setting and an heirloom to treasure for generations by Ilum Wikkelsø. The Croissant was his play on the more traditional Chesterfield sofa, using the French pastry as his inspirational reference. First released in 1962, it captured the zeitgeist of an optimistic decade, and has been a treasured collector’s piece ever since.

Kiik seating system by Arper

Arper‘s Kiik is designed by Iwasaki Design Studio, 2018, for the spaces between entry and departure, between waiting and doing. This new modular system of seating, tables, ottomans and consoles creates spaces for working, gathering, or relaxation with hundreds of possibilities.

Saul tables by Jean-Marie Massaud for ARPER

Substantial, yet lightweight, Saul tables by Jean-Marie Massaud for ARPER are allies and complements to the Arper collection of sofas and soft furnishings. Top in black painted smoked glass or white marble

Wonder sofa by Gubi

The Wonder Sofa is a contemporary reinterpretation of 1970s lounge furniture by Space Copenhagen for GUBI. Its designers have updated the informal, generous and playful nature of the original modular sofa with an elegant and simple frame.