PP 85 Cross legged dining table

Hans J. Wegner designed the crosslegged table for Andreas Tuck about 1955. PP Møbler started manufacturing the table in 1973 in relation to taking over several designs from Andreas Tuck.

PP 85 shows Wegner’s ability to create an optimal design with very few means. The table almost could not be more simple. And yet, Wegner makes the total sum of the individual components to an aesthetical experience out of the ordinary. The table is now about 50 years old, but seems more topical than ever.

The table is available in solid oak and ash. Both wood types can be either soap treated, oil treated (white or clear) and lacquered.

Dimensions (LxWxH) 160×86×72 or 180×86×72 cm. The table can be extended by veneered leaf 2×40 cm.